Are You Facing the Prospect of Singapore Colon Cancer Surgery?

You have just left your doctor’s Office, where you have the information that you have colon cancer. The doctor is recommending that you have colon cancer surgery to remove it. Although he went over the operation in his office, if you are like most people, your mind began to wander to other issues that you have. It can be possible that the jargon that the physician used just was not making sense at the moment. Now you are prepared to understand what you will go through.

We can begin with the fundamentals. I like To understand what to expect through the entire process, so that is the information that I will provide you. You will remain in the hospital during the night. After surgery you want to understand that it takes time to cure and totally recover from the colon cancer operation. Much like it does after any significant surgery. You may expect to be uncomfortable during your first few times; this is normal and a normal complaint by most.

The most common side effect after colon cancer surgery is fatigue. You are likely to be weak and tired. This is normal, and you will need to give yourself time to heal and recuperate. The operation has also been known to cause diarrhea or constipation. Your healthcare team at the hospital will be seeing you for signs of bleeding, infection or other issues that may require immediate therapy.

Colon cancer surgery singapore

Colon cancer surgery singapore is the most common treatment for colon cancer. During the operation the tumor which you have will be removed. Along with this the surgeon will have a small bit of the healthy tissue around the tumor and the adjacent lymph nodes. Typically, then the surgeon will reconnect the healthy areas of the bowel.

The exception to this is if your Cancer contains the rectum. If it does, then the surgeon will remove the anus and make an opening in the abdomen wall. This opening is called a colostomy. It is through this generated hole that solid waste from the colon will then leave the body. There are specialty nurses which can allow you to adapt to having a colostomy, which means you would not be by yourself. More often than not, a colostomy is not permanent. It is only needed until healing occurs. Also realize that many patients with colostomies do return to a normal lifestyle.

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