Common Terms Related to Animation Post Production

Whether you are a budding animator or a professional Post-production artist, there are certain terminologies which everybody should know. It may be beneficial in the long term. In this write-up, we have included some of the most common animation terms which you are most likely to hear and use in a cartoon and post-production studio in regular intervals. A number of these terms are also standard film terms also.

Concept Drawing

Concept illustrations or drawings are Examples, commonly freehand, which are made use of by designers such as engineers, designers in addition to indoor designers as a quick and also straightforward way of checking out preliminary concepts for designs. They are not intended to be exact or conclusive, simply a way of checking out and also interacting design principles in addition to visual concepts animation post production. They could likewise be used to check out even more technical aspects of design, offering a preliminary response and also feasible alternatives to problems, constraints, in addition to possibilities such as alternatives format, frame, a technique of construction and building, solar avenues and also shading, prevailing wind, patterns of movement, connections between elements of the site and more.

animation post production


It is the discipline of making Dimensions from photographs, especially for recuperating the exact placements of surface area variables. Photogrammetry is as old as modern-day digital photography, relationship to the mid-19th century and in the simplest instance, the range between two factors that break on a surface along with the photographic image sphere can be figured out by discovering their scope on the corporate video production hong kong, if the scope of this picture is understood. It is a 3-dimensional coordinate measuring method which makes use of photographs as the essential instrument for evaluation. The critical concept made use of by Photogrammetry is triangulation or more especially called Aerial Triangulation.

Cartoon Design

A background format in a standard Computer animation is the line illustration of this background for a scene. It is not the finished background created in a color that you see on screen.

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